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Review - August 30, 2023

Navigating the Seas of Mind: Safe In Our World and Peregrine Coast Press Sidekick


In an era where the digital realm intertwines with our daily lives more than ever, the impact of video games reaches far beyond entertainment. As the gaming industry continues to thrive, its potential to influence mental health has garnered attention. Recognizing this connection, initiatives like Safe In Our World and innovative products like Peregrine Coast Press’ “Sidekick: The Video Games Mental Health Journal” have emerged to champion mental well-being within the gaming community. This blog post delves into the significance of these initiatives and the strides they’re making in fostering a healthier gaming environment.

Safe In Our World: A Beacon of Hope

Founded in 2019, Safe In Our World is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about mental health issues within the gaming community. The organization strives to create a safe space for both players and industry professionals to openly discuss and address mental health challenges. With the belief that gaming should be a positive and therapeutic experience, Safe In Our World works to destigmatize mental health concerns, provide resources, and promote mental well-being. Today, there are many Streamers who are also adopting this mindset, and who strive to create a safe environment for gamers, like Scooterbahd who streams on Twitch!

One of the organization’s notable initiatives is the “Level Up Mental Health” campaign, which rallies the gaming industry to prioritize mental health education, support, and awareness. By partnering with game developers, publishers, and platforms, Safe In Our World endeavors to weave the importance of mental health into the fabric of game development and consumption.

Peregrine Coast Press Sidekick: Bridging the Gap

Peregrine Coast Press, in collaboration with Safe In Our World, has taken a unique approach to address mental health concerns specific to gamers. “Sidekick: The Video Games Mental Health Journal” is a thoughtful creation that bridges the gap between gaming and mental well-being. It acknowledges the immersive nature of gaming and leverages it as a tool for self-reflection, personal growth, and mental health support.

This interactive journal provides gamers with prompts, activities, and exercises tailored to their experiences within video games. It encourages players to explore their emotions, reactions, and thoughts while gaming, fostering a deeper understanding of how these experiences can impact their mental state. By engaging users in a proactive and introspective manner, Sidekick empowers gamers to harness their gaming time for positive mental health outcomes.

Fostering Community and Self-Care

Both Safe In Our World and Peregrine Coast Press’ Sidekick exemplify the growing movement to infuse the gaming landscape with mental health awareness and support. By acknowledging the potential challenges posed by excessive gaming and creating resources to navigate these challenges, these initiatives are cultivating a more holistic and caring gaming community.

Safe In Our World’s advocacy and campaigns contribute to erasing the stigma surrounding mental health discussions in the gaming industry. As they continue to build bridges between gamers, developers, and mental health professionals, they create an environment where seeking help is seen as a sign of strength, not weakness.

On the other hand, Sidekick’s approach recognizes that gaming is a multifaceted experience. By inviting players to engage with their feelings and thoughts while gaming, it encourages mindfulness and self-care. The journal’s prompts initiate a dialogue between gamers and their own minds, promoting emotional intelligence and resilience.


  • 140 pages filled with video game and mental health-related activities, prompts, and free journaling pages. Lovingly created with the goal of helping ease your mind and connect with your love of gaming!
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The intersection of video games and mental health is a terrain of immense potential. Safe In Our World and Peregrine Coast Press have seized this opportunity to bring about positive change within the gaming community. Their initiatives serve as a reminder that, while video games can be a source of joy and connection, they can also be harnessed for personal growth and mental well-being. As these efforts continue to evolve and gain momentum, the future of gaming looks brighter, kinder, and more inclusive.